What our happy customers are talking

"Tom did an incredible job inspecting the home we were hoping to buy. He let me follow him all over the place and answered all of my questions kindly and thoroughly. He also gave me his real opinion on the home which meant a lot to me, and resulted in me not buying it. It's very apparent that he seriously knows his stuff. He knew the eras that every portion of the home was from and his knowledge was quite impressive. I will and have recommended him to everyone I can and he's doing another home inspection for us this upcoming weekend and we wouldn't use anyone else. If you're reading this, just hire him, you won't regret it."

Bryan Customer

"We are first time home buyers, too. As a many-year renter, we were used to the less-worry renting and shopping around houses was certainly not enough to know about a house. Tom provided excellent service to our prospective home. We got both reassurance and suggestions on the house. The report is very illustrative with all the necessary photos and good explanations. He is also willing to listen to your suggestions to emphasize and reorganize the report so that you are better off letting the agent negotiate with the seller. Highly recommended.‎"

Lydia Customer

"Tom did a first rate job on our home inspection. His background as a licensed contractor gives him an edge over other inspectors. His report of findings is excellent, including both written and photographic evidence of the issues at hand. At the time of the inspection he explains each issue to you so you understand the implications. While not to be used as an actual estimate of cost of work for negotiating purposes Tom gave us a ball park guestimate of repair costs, and his numbers were spot on with the numbers we received from contractors. Overall a great experience working with Tom.‎"

Dave Customer

"Tom is definitely the inspector to call!! Not only did he switch his entire work day around to accommodate my schedule, but he did the most thorough job inspecting the house we were looking to buy. Additionally, he explained EVERYTHING to us as he was going so that we knew what we were reading in the report he sent to us THE SAME DAY!! I would recommend Tom to anyone!!‎"

Sarah Customer

"Tom did a very thorough job, which I particularly value since the inspector on my previous home missed glaring problems. I'm so glad I took Tom's advice and had the sewer inspected. The sewer line has to be replaced and I was able to get the home price reduced.‎"

Stephanie Customer

"Toms' service was very promt, the next morning actually, and was conducted in a very professional and informative manner. I have owned several properties, and I wish I have had Tom's services then. Highly recommended, very professional."

Greg Customer

"I am a Realtor. As such I ha've worked with many Home Inspectors. Tom Island stands out from them all for his professionalism, his thoroughness, and his "house-side" manner. Tom finds the details my clients want to know and takes the time to explain what it means in clear detail. It is rare that I can recommend someone without any reservations what so ever, but Tom is just such a professional.‎"

Steve Customer

"We were very pleased with Pacific Nw Home Inspections (Tom Island). He was extremely thorough with everything on the inspection, took the time to give us detailed explanations, and walk us through various options when discussing specific concerns. We highly recommend Tom for any inspection and would use him again for future homes.‎"

Michelle Customer

"Tom did the inspections on both the home we sold and the one we bought. He is extremely knowledgable about all phases of home construction and gave us lots of practical advice for caring for our new home. He prepares a thorough report which you can access online. He is friendly and outgoing and very easy to work with. Also, he doesn't nitpick but prepares a report with things that do need to be taken care of. I don't plan on moving anytime soon, but if I did, I'd request him to do the inspection.‎"

Ward Customer

"Tom was great; I'm really glad he did our home inspection. We used him both for the initial inspection and the follow up. He was always prompt and thorough, and the report he provides you with is wonderful and easy to navigate. His thorough report enabled us to negotiate repairs easily with the seller that would have proven quite difficult otherwise. I would definitely use Tom's services again."

Geoff Customer

"I've had only 2 home inspections done for me, and both inspectors were good, but I was genuinely impressed by Tom Island and his inspection of the 1966 Beaverton-area home we just bought. Tom stuck me as thorough, efficient, knowledgeable, and overall an authority on home construction and maintenance. I would eagerly refer any friend or family member to Tom, and I would absolutely do business with him again.‎"

Craig Customer

"Tom came to us through our realtor, thank goodness she recommended him. He did an EXCELLENT job to say the least. Super thorough, organized, very friendly and great to deal with; an expert in this field. I would use him over and over again. He is awesome!"‎

Kari Customer

"We worked with Tom a house that didn't end up going through. He was so excellent we called him a second time to do an inspection on the house we actually bought. He is fantastic, prompt, thorough, and will work with you as much as you need it. We will definitely use him again in the future. Thanks again Tom!"‎

Katie Customer

"Tom is a top rate inspector who knows his stuff. I'll use him again and recommend him to anyone who needs a trustworthy and solid assessment of a building or home. He communicates very well, his reports are excellent and he takes his time so you know you're getting the best possible inspection."‎

Justine Customer

"Tom is a top rate inspector who knows his stuff. I'll use him again and recommend him to anyone who needs a trustworthy and solid assessment of a building or home. He communicates very well, his reports are excellent and he takes his time so you know you're getting the best possible inspection."‎

Nick Customer

"I am a first time homebuyer, and am purchasing a bank owned property. The major concern for me is what can be hiding behind walls, as well as quality of previous renovations to a 1951 house. Using these google reviews and the sample report on I was sold on his abilities. Tom was early to the appointment, had already done a thorough inspection of the exterior, then proceeded to explain what repairs would be necessary as well as how to care for the old home. The knowledge of homes during and right after world war 2 gave me a wealth of information to use on caring for and repairing this home. I have already recommended him to my friends buying their first home. The report I received looked the same as the sample I saw. Detail views of problem areas, recommendations on how to repair (DIY or Contractor required), Photos, it was exactly what I was looking for. Afterwards my bank required a separate Pest and Dry Rot report, Tom had it done the same day. He has put my mind at ease about buying my first home."

Silver Customer

"Tom Island was recommend by my real estate agent and my own independent search online lead me to him as well. I was a little skeptical after having read so many great reviews. I mean, seriously, no one had anything bad to say which led me to question the validity of the reviewers.I finally found one review that had a hint of criticism (something about not checking appliances, which I do not think is part of the inspection process) which increased my confidence in the reviewers. Feeling good about the choice we scheduled an appointment. Glad we did as his services were exceptional! He was very thorough and showed great professionalism and extensive field knowledge. He happily divulged as many details as possible as and recommended plans of action as necessary. He even checked the appliances! When all was said and done we both felt like giving him a hug. I am quite certain we could not have found a better person for the job. No doubt, a top notch home inspector.‎"

Ariella Customer